Cleaning Tips

1. If your hob/cooker/stove is full with spillage and is greasy, here is a tip I learned - Dip a white cloth in hot water and put some antibacterial handwash on it and leave it on the greasy portion for five minutes. Scrub it off with nylon brush.

2. Take care of spillage then and there. If you leave them for a while, they may stain the surface.

3. To clean your microwave, remember not to just leave a bowl of water in it. Add a teaspoon ofvinegar or some lemon juice ordish washing soap and heat a minute. This makes the microwave steamy and can then be wiped off with kitchen towel.

4. If you use pressure cooker, you may notice the bottom going black. Next time you use it, add skin of squeezed lime (or even cut a lime and use a half)to the water you would normally fill to create the pressure. It is always good to cover the food being cooked. Avoid using tamarind instead of lime as if the water enters the food, it leaves a brown colour.

5. It is important to clean your fridge freezer often so it can store food safely. You do not have to always wait to empty your freezer, instead you can wrap any frozen food in layers of newspaper so you can delay thawing. This way you do not have to bin the frozen food after your cleaning.

6. Have you had this stinky accident where an egg fell on the floor or work top, what a mess it can be. Add generous amount of salt ontop of it and that will just absorb the egg. Finish off by wiping off and using an antibacterial spray.