Home Remedies - Seek Relief Using Kitchen Ingredients

Most of you may know that Ayurveda originated in India. One of the governing principles of ayurveda is to maintain a balance between vata (air and space), pitta (fire and water) and kapha (water and earth). Food was considered one of the means to maintain balance among these and it was believed when there is an imbalance, the body is diseased. So it is no surprise that some ingredients also double up as medicines to help you achieve the balance again. I am going to try my best to share primarily from my experience different home remedies and will also try to gather some home remedies from different sources so it can help you when needed. As always, there may be no substitute to a doctor consultation while home remedies provide you relief. In some cases like migraine we know the only choice is to take pain killers. We can possibly avoid that by choosing these alternate remedies.

1. Cold - Often people know when they are about to get a cold as the body usually starts aching and throat gets scratchy and head feels stuffy. To get some quick relief and help fight the cold better, take about one tablespoon grated ginger or coarsely pounded ginger and boil in say 1.5 glasses of water. As it boils, the colour of the water will gradually change and become brownish. You can then dilute this ginger water with more drinking water and keep drinking it warm. If you can’t take this, then try to make a cup of tea with the ginger water.
2. Stomach pain – If you happen to suffer from digestion related stomach pain, then you may get some relief having watery buttermilk. Take some curd/yoghurt and add water generously and churn or stir vigorously with spoon. Add asafoetida and salt if desired. The asafoetida will help digestion and provide some relief from gas/wind.
3. Stomach pain – fenugreek seeds are considered good to provide relief from stomach pain especially if the stomach pain is due to increased body heat. Take atleast a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds, quickly wash them and swallow them with water or buttermilk as explained above.
4. Mouth Ulcer – If you have a boil in your mouth i.e. mouth ulcer, chew some grated coconut, especially keep the coconut just where it is sore. The milk from the coconut will help the healing. I have tried this and found effective.
5. Hair care – if you have been trying to make your hair softer, look no further. Break an egg, quickly beat it (just to mix yolk and white) and apply on hair including scalp. Wash your hair in 10 – 15 minutes. Ensure you do not allow the egg to dry on your hair as it may make the hair brittle. If you cannot stand the smell, then use egg white alone and not yolk. I used to find this so helpful especially when done weekly as my hair was otherwise looking lifeless from all the pollution.
6. Cough - it can be very diffcult to get a good night sleep when you keep coughing. A well known remedy to give you some relief is milk, turmeric powder and black pepper powder. heat a glass of milk and add 1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder. Drink it while still warm. Some people add few pinches of black pepper powder, you may want to as well. The turmeric provide good relief from throat irritation and milk is always known to induce good sleep.
7. Hair care - beat limp lifeless hair by pampering with yogurt. Apply yogurt to your hair and scalp and wash in 10-15 minutes. Try to warm the yogurt before applying so you do not catch a cold. Yogurt not only softens your hair, over time it gives a brownish colour to hair.
8. Blood Sugar Control - fenugreek has numerous health benefits and one of it is blood sugar control. Soak a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds overnight and have it in the morning. Doing this everyday helps body regulate blood sugar better.