Friday, 16 July 2010

Masal Idli

Masal Idli

Idli is probably one of the most popular dish from South India, especially Tamil Nadu. There are two key selling points for idli. One is that it is fermented and thereby contains good bacteria that is helpful to maintain healthy gut. Second is that it is steamed food and hence is considered harmless. It is a bland dish in itself but the condiments usually make it yummy. When kids are unwell, idlis are given to them as it is spiceless and easy to digest. Most South Indian households may have the batter almost all through the week as it is very handy. If idli is on your menu, your wee one can have it too rather than making something else. Here is idli spiced up!

4 ladles of idli batter (depends on how many idlis you want to make)

4 teaspoon/tablespoon of masal as discussed in vegetable masal recipe

Pour a ladle of the batter on the idli plate but do not fill it completely.

Spoon the masal over the batter and steam. Cook for about 15 minutes. Usually you will start to smell the idlis and then you know it is done.

Let the idlis cool a wee bit, then put them on a plate and cut into bite size portions depending on your child’s age.

Remember idlis are made with par-boiled rice and Urd dal (black gram). Along with the vegetables (carrot, peas, onion and potatoes) in the masal, this will be a healthy meal with carbohydrates, protein and vitamins.

Try to make the batter yourself. Instant idli mix contains soda and that not only destroys some nutrition but also makes one feel bloated. You do not want this to put your child off! I soak 1 portion urd dal with a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds and 4 portions of idli rice overnight. Grind and ferment for a night. Refrigerate.

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