Thursday, 23 September 2010

Brown Rice & Soyabean Dosa

Brown Rice & Soyabean Dosa

The success of soyabean kofta recipe gave me hopes of making nice dishes using this healthy ingredient. In my culinary adventure I have had a lot of success and a few failures. Like law of nature, I have seen how few things like ratios and proportions almost always work. So I do try to follow some thumb rules so I keep my failure rate low. I know failure helps me learn but I hate to waste food and from that standpoint, I desperately want success. Dosa is one of my all time favourite dish. I was drooling seeing a program by Gordon Ramsay in which they showed an Indian vegetarian restaurant in England making awesome dosas. The food was supposedly so good that even hard core meat eaters relished it. Anyway, there is no way I can get a hotel dosa in the place I am so got to take role of the chef and whip up something myself. The speciality of this recipe is that it uses one more great ingredient – brown rice. It is far more nutritious and also has more fibre than the polished rice. I hope you get to try it, so here is how I made it...

¼ cup urd dal
1 teaspoon fenugreek seeds
¼ cup brown rice
¼ cup soyabean
Salt to taste
Cooking oil

Rinse the soyabean a few times and soak. Rinse urd dal and fenugreek seeds together and soak. Also rinse and soak the rice. Allow all ingredients to soak overnight.

Grind the urd dal to fine paste and then add soyabean. Grind to fine paste and then add rice. Grind further to smooth paste. Do not add too much water.
Add salt and ferment the batter for 12 hours or overnight.

Heat a tava/pan and pour a ladle full of batter (add just enough water to have a free falling batter) and spread to make dosa of desired thickness. Add little oil around and turn once lower side begins to brown. Allow second side to cook. Dosa ready!

Some like dosa browned some like it a bit lighter in colour. Adjust cooking time according to your taste. For more tips on fermenting, see post on barley idli.

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