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Kadalai Urundai

Kadalai Urundai

This blog has given me a great opportunity to keep a log of traditional recipes especially from my grandmother. I think their knowledge has to be preserved and passed on and this is a great mechanism for that. Kadalai is groundnut/peanut and urundai refers to something like a ball. This dish has very little ingredients but is s delicious. I think it is quite a nice snack especially because it has the peanut and this makes it a good source of protein. Having said that, I do not really suggest that it is very healthy because it does contain sugar although in the unrefined form. Am sure we could reduce the calorie intake in another meal of the day and indulge in this lovely sweet. It is typically made during Kaarthigai and also Krishna Jayanthi but any festival would be a good reason to make this. I must warn you that you must have thick skin to make this because you need to be able to handle the heat to make the shapes. If it becomes hard just as you are making it, put it back on the flame briefly and it will soften again the take off the flame and complete. The very important point of consideration is the consistency of the jaggery syrup as it should go even beyond the stringy stage to forming a mass.

2 cups roasted peanuts, skin removed
1 cup powdered jaggery
1 teaspoon ghee (clarified butter)

Add about quarter cup of water to the jaggery in a heavy bottom pan and heat so the jaggery just dissolves. Filter this solution and put back in the pan. (this step is only to filter the jaggery as it is notorious for debris it could carry)

 Heat again stirring frequently so the jaggery solution becomes very tacky between the fingers and when few drops are poured in cold water, it forms a ball.

Now add some ghee and the peanuts and with the flame off stir and mix well

Make balls of desired size and serve!

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  1. My fav, feel like gobbing some,soo tempting kadala urundai...