Saturday, 24 September 2011

Idli Murmura

Idli Murmura

During my early days of cooking, quantity was something I could never compromise. I absolutely dislike having to wonder whether incase I ate more of something, there may not be enough for someone else. I think it is absolutely wrong thing to do. I would rather make about half to one extra portion because at worst we can refrigerate and eat it later. It was not just things like sambar, rasam or curries but also idlis. So there were days when I used to have left over idlis. Back then for whatever reason I was not creative with recipes for left over idli although I used to fancy chilly idli that I remember having with my mom in a restaurant in Chennai. It has been a good few years since then but I still remember it clearly, we were waiting to get car seat covers fixed on my car and wanted a snack. It is a place called Sowbagya and I think it was near GP road. What a wonderful dish they make. Anyway, these days I have grasped quantity better and keep batter ready and no left over idlis. One day I managed to make more and then attempted to make chilly ildis, low fat version though. I baked the idlis mixed with some spices and that was only one part of the recipe and it did not go further. It was so nice and crispy that I started snacking on the baked idlis. And that is how this recipe came into existence! Here it is ...

4-5 idlis, cut into bite size chunks
1 teaspoon coriander powder
1 teaspoon cumin powder
½ - 1 teaspoon chilly powder
Pinches of kasoori methi
Turmeric powder
1-2 teaspoon cooking oil
Salt to taste

Mix all ingredients together and be careful with salt as the idlis would already have some salt.

Place in an oven proof dish and bake at 180degC for 20-25 minutes

Serve with ketchup or just on its own.

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