Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Milk Cake (Eggless)

Milk Cake (Eggless)

We had to make a fairly short trip to my brother’s place and at short notice. I had a couple of four pint bottles of milk to do something with so they do not go a waste. I had been looking at few recipes from Manjula’s kitchen and mentally bookmarked the milk cake recipe. This was very similar to the cakes that are normally sold in sweet shops. It had very few ingredients and does not need a lot of skill but does need some time as you have to stir very often. I decided to try the milk cake recipe and honestly, even looking at the ingredients, there was not much tweak possible. What one could do if add some powdered nuts like ground almond after the sugar is added or one could also add essence if liked. I wanted to keep it plain coz I knew that’s how my brother likes it. The procedure starts off with much the same as making paneer. Now that Naaratri has started, why not try this lovely cake and impress your guests! Here is the recipe...

4 pints milk (about 2 litres)
½ cup sugar
2-3 tablespoons crushed nuts
Few strands of saffron
1-2 teaspoon ghee
Lime juice (I needed one lime)

Heat milk in a thick bottom vessel and when it is about to boil add lime juice little by little. This is to curdle the milk and we just enough lime juice to curdle it and more will make it sour. Once you see clearly the coagulated milk and the whey water (which is a dull coloured water), you know it has coagulated enough and no more juice is needed

Take atleast 50% of the whey fluid away using a ladle and be sure to strain it and put back any of the coagulated milk back into the dish

Keep boiling and keep stirring often

Once almost all fluid has evaporated, add the sugar and some ghee and keep stirring

Again, wait until all fluid from the sugar has evaporated as well and keep stirring, add saffron strands and stir until it all comes together

Drop the mixture into a greased plate, sprinkle the nuts on top and allow to cool for few minutes and then slice to desired size


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