Saturday, 29 December 2012

Dudhi Dosa/Lauki Dosa

Lauki Dosa (Dudhi Dosa)
Bottlegourd aka dudhi is a vegetable that I include a lot in my diet these days. It is called lauki in hindi and sorakai in tamil. It is a bottle shaped vegetable which is supposed to be rich in fibre. It is also high in water content and hence is said to be good for weight loss. The cooked vegetable is cooling, sedative and is also said to give calming effect after eating. I have searched quite a bit for dudhi recipes but most of them return with kofta or halwa. Kofta is a bit time consuming and ofcourse, I like to avoid the deep frying and as for halwa, we are not so much dessert family so that would be wasted. It had been long since I made dosa and decided to make lauki dosa. It was a wholesome dosa and I made kadappa to eat with it, wow! Here you go...

½ medium lauki, peeled, cubed and ground to fine paste
¼ cup urd dal
½ cup brown rice
½ cup idli rice (par boiled rice)
1 teaspoon fenugreek seeds
Handful of beaten rice (poha)
Salt to taste
Cooking oil
1 teaspoon mustard seeds

Soak urd dal, both rice, poha and fenugreek seeds together over night. Grind to fine batter, not adding too much water and add required salt. Allow to ferment during the day. Just before making the dosa, add the ground dudhi to the batter and mix well
Add some oil and add the mustard seeds and after it crackles add it to the batter. The batter should be like regular dosa batter now. As grinding the dudhi would need some water and hence add water to the batter, I had said earlier that you not add much water while grinding the batter itself
(I am afraid I conveniently forgot the clicks! I promise I will upload them next time :) )

Heat a tava and spread a ladleful of the batter. Drizzle oil. Flip side once bottom is golden brown. Cook second side for a minute or so and it is ready to serve


  1. Am yet to make this lauki dosa, looks great.

  2. I made it and its simply turned out to be a hit........amazing softness. I just added a little twist to the dish. Instead of adding raw doodhi I steamed it with curry leaves jeera powder and ginger. Later I removed the curry leaves and ginger both and only picked the doodhi made it into a paste added chopped coriander and chilli . Next day I added it to the batter. They tasted delicious. Thanks :)