Monday, 29 July 2013

Cherry Ice Cream (eggless, low fat and no cooking)

Cherry IceCream
Every time I came to a round number like 100 or 200 etc. with the recipe post count, it did not seem like anything to be honest. 400th post however, is different as it has been quite a challenge getting here. I cannot believe it has taken me so much time to come from 350 to 400 but in the end, I made it. Someday, probably few years from now, it will be 1000 :D!

Coming to the actual post, this is a special summer treat. It is incredibly hot here in UK (don't roll your eyes thinking I am from Chennai so why am I complaining). The trouble is that it seems easier to acclimatise to cold weather than hot and also that most British buildings are built to keep the heat in and hence not quite built for hot weather. Anyway, to keep us cool, especially my son, I have been making ice creams. The amount of artificial anything is next to zero in my homemade ice creams but still at the end of the day it is empty calories loaded with fat. I wanted to reduce the fat without compromising too much on taste and texture to a lesser degree. That is why, this recipe uses single cream instead of double cream. In a given recipe, use of double cream instead of single cream results in roughly over three times more saturated fat content and about three and half times the cholesterol when compared against the same dish using single cream. This I think is quite a lot. I had frozen cherries on hand and I find frozen fruits quite handy to make dishes and fresh ones to eat just like that. 

The result was a very different ice cream which to some extent looked like a sorbet. Usually, the fat content in the cream helps avoid crystallising but as we use much lesser fat than usual, the texture will look different from regular ice cream. In order to help it, we add pinch of salt and dots of vanilla extract which has some alcohol in it (oh don't worry, nothing that will affect the kids). Once you put it in your mouth, it will be much like regular ice cream. Make sure you rest it on the counter for five minutes or so once out of the freezer. It is important to give it a good whisk after about 2 hours into the freezer as this also helps prevent crystallising.

This has proven to me and hopefully will prove to you that low fat ice cream is not a myth.

Thanks to all my readers for visiting my blog. My thanks to my family as well, without them, this blog wouldn't have happened. I do hope my blog reach extends so my attempts to bring to the table healthy and yummy dishes benefits more people and also so I can learn from what they have to share.

Now for the recipe...

300ml single cream
1 cup greek yogurt
1 cup cherry, pureed
Pinch of salt
½ cup sugar
½ teaspoon vanilla essence

Whisk all ingredients together for ten minutes and pour into freezer safe box, cover and freeze for couple of hours. Take out, whisk with fork and freeze again until set. The whisking is done for so long to incorporate air into the mixture to improve the texture.


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