Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Peanut Biscuit

Peanut Biscuit

Peanuts are an excellent source of protein but like everything else, they have to be eaten in moderation. The reason one needs to be cautious of how much of peanuts one eats is the fat in it, remember it is high enough to be pressed and made into bottles of oil! Anyway, this peanut biscuit recipe is different from the peanut butter cookies recipe I had posted earlier. I really urge you to try this because they are so so good and just melt in your mouth. I got the basic recipe from a book I have and modified it to make a bit more healthy (or lets say less unhealthy). You could use just butter instead of oil and butter combination which I have suggested here as it helps get the good texture from butter and the oil helps reduce the saturated fat. I have also used whole wheat and refined flour combo and tried to mix refined and unrefined sugar. You could use just refined flour and refined sugar if you like. The fact that there is no raising agent in this helps the body absorb the nutrients from the ingredients. Do give this a try if you or a biscuit person or like baking…

120g maida (1/2c)
80g wheat flour (1/3c)
50g rice flour
50g castor sugar
25g brown sugar
75g butter
Less than 1/3c oil
1/4tsp vanilla essence
50g peanut powder

Mix all ingredients except sugar and vanilla essence

Mix sugar and essence and make a soft dough. Wrap in cling film and refrigerate for about 30 minutes

Roll into a disc 1/4th inch thick, cut to desired shape and bake at 180deg C for 12 minutes (remember to preheat the oven)


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  1. I know how tasty these biscuits will be, looks scrumptious..