Sunday, 22 May 2011

Orange Sandesh

Orange Sandesh

Sometime back I had seen a sandesh recipe on a book by Tarla Dalal but at that time thought it was not my kind of sweet. Yesterday though I had one 4 pint bottle of milk just on the verge of spoiling. I had to do something better than just throwing it away and that’s when I thought I might as well try a sandesh recipe. I also had the skimmed milk powder on the verge on passing its best before date. Although usually I just use common sense when it comes to best before dates, I become a bit more fussy if my wee one would consume what I make. Anyway, I decided to make the low fat khoya with the milk powder and paneer using about 1 litre of the milk. Best part of this recipe is as suggested by Tarla Dalal and I must say that I liked it and so did my wee one. You could use skimmed milk instead of whole milk. I used a teaspoon of yogurt to make the paneer as it is said that the paneer comes softer with yogurt than lime juice. It is a quick recipe that can be made at a short notice. I think it could be made by adding milk powder instead of khoya, if you are short of time.

1 orange, segmented
1 teaspoon sugar
Chopped nuts for garnish

For sandesh
¾ cup crumbled paneer
3 tablespoon low fat khoya
2 tablespoon sugar

Heat a teaspoon sugar in a kadai and once it melts sauté the orange segments in it for a couple of minutes ensuring the segments do not break

To prepare the sandesh, mix all ingredients mentioned and knead to make a dough like mix

Take a lemon size of this dough and flatten it between your palm and place an orange segment and cover with the dough. I tried couple of shapes like making it round, covering the orange and another where it was oval and orange visible. Repeat until all dough is used

Refrigerate covered for about an hour

Garnish with nuts and serve!

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  1. Woww stunning and delicious sandesh..marvellous..