Sunday, 14 November 2010

How to Make Low Fat Khoya

How to Make Low Fat Khoya

I have seen a few rich recipes i.e. high calorie recipes with lots of nuts, milk cream etc. One of the common ingredients in those was khoya. It is nothing but unsweetened condensed milk which is usually solidified. Milk is heated for a long time until it comes to a semi-solid to solid state and once cooled, it almost solidifies. This is then used in many sweet dishes and also to enrich some gravies. I usually do not use this because I cannot be bothered making the khoya, watching the milk forever. It can be done quicker in a microwave but as I do not use it anymore, I just avoid this as an ingredient. Not so long ago I got a number of books by Tarla Dalal and one of those was low calorie sweet. Usually I think once one decides to have sweets, there is no point in keeping it low fat and low calorie and should just have the treat once and stay away from it for a while. However, for more regular sweet eaters, it is easier said than done. I found her way of making low fat khoya not just simple but also quick. I tried it today to make a dessert and came out well. I may make this more often especially for some mughlai gravies. Here is how I followed her recipe...

1 cup semi skimmed milk powder

Mix few tablespoons of water to the milk powder to make it a stiff dough. The book said two tablespoons, however, I needed about 8 to get anywhere near a dough like consistency.

Wrap this in a thin white cloth and steam for about 15 minutes. Cool and grate and use as suggested in recipes.

This is not quite a recipe in itself but quite useful to know this shortcut to a low fat khoya as an ingredient to other dishes

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