Sunday, 14 November 2010

Low Calorie Carrot Dates Halwa

Low Calorie Carrot Dates Halwa

I always thought low calorie sweets are a myth. However, I am sure one can always control quantity of some ingredients like ghee, sugar etc. As I have said in an earlier post, I try to rely on the sweetness of ingredients like fruits or vegetables like carrot and even that of milk. This way I reduce the amount of free sugar as it is purely empty calories. I had made the low fat khoya and now needed a dessert recipe in which I could use it. As I had very few ingredients on the Saturday morning and had a guest coming over, had to make something with carrots. For a change, I tried to add dates to it and make a halwa. I must say it was a risk I was taking in some ways. When this gues came over the first time, about 2 years back, I was so down with sickness as I was pregnant. The food was horrendous as the channa packet had some issues and was stinking. The next time he did not come for a planned meal, but as it was mealtime, I just made a quick paratha. This time I wanted to ensure it was all great and stuck to what I am somewhat ‘best’ at - traditional south Indian menu with a halwa as dessert. Low fat dishes do not always taste as good as their fat filled equivalent but I had to get this right. Anyway, results were good and that’s why I am sharing the recipe with you. Some people use sugar substitute to reduce calories further. As they are always a subject of controversy, I do not use them and indulge less often to make up for it. Here is how I did it...

3 cups grated carrot
6-8 dates, seeded, chopped
¼ cup sugar
Few pinches cardamom powder or 2-3 crushed cardamom pods
2 teaspoon ghee (clarified butter)
½ cup low fat khoya, grated
Crushed nuts (I used pista,almond and cashews)

Add a teaspoon ghee and cook the carrots.

When carrots are half done, add the dates and sprinkle water.

Once the carrots are cooked, add the sugar and keep stirring.

Add the cardamom and grated khoya and couple of minutes later add a teaspoon of ghee.

Stir until it all comes together leaving the dish

 Add crushed nuts before serving. Nuts do add a bit more calorie but they have some essential fatty acids which are good for health and as long as quantity is watched, they are very good.

Carrot halwa usually tastes even better with ice cream especially vanilla. However as this version is more for the calorie conscious, you may want to just stick to halwa alone and not the guilt.


  1. gr8 idea..adding dates n low fat khoya..hv u explored using honey instead of sugar?

  2. Thanks Harini. I usually do not use honey to make sweets or desserts as I have read honey could be toxic when heated. It is best consumed at room temperature although when had with lukewarm water, it aids weight loss.

  3. Hi veena
    Came to your blog through Fb, you have a wonderful space, happy to follow you. This one looks very delicious

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