Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Sweet Potato Chutney/Thogayal

Sweet Potato Chutney/Thogayal

Some days I try making recipes that I have no idea how it will turn out. While most recipes I try would give me a hunch that it will come out ok and I do not have to bin it, some do not give me that warm feeling. I still try a few of them because I think as a food blogger, it is my role to try and share what has been successful so you can enjoy it too. This time it was sweet potato chutney that I saw on a television program. I certainly remember sweet potato being one of the vegetables you can give a baby just as you start them on solids. The thought of grinding cooked sweet potato somehow gave me the fear of making baby food, not particularly appealing to adults, is it? I then decided to tweak the recipe to give it a better consistency and aroma. I added urd dal to it, similar to few other thogayals that mom would make. With great doubt, I mixed it with rice and tasted and then all I did was go for seconds. I loved the outcome! The generous amount of tamarind flakes imparted a great sour taste and when combined with the sweetness from the sweet potato, it was awesome. This dish has sweet, sour and heat in it. I did not grind the urd dal mixture very fine to impart some texture but that is upto you. If you do not take garlic, replace that with ginger. Remember that sweet potato actually counts as one of five a day vegetable unlike the normal potato. I have heard/read that when consumed with the skin, it helps prevent retinopathy in diabetics.

1 sweet potato
4 green chillies
A small ball of tamarind flakes
3-4 cloves garlic or replace with some ginger
1 tablespoon urd dal
Salt to taste
Cooking oil

Heat little oil and fry the urd dal until golden, keep aside

In the same pan, add green chillies and garlic and fry until raw smell goes, keep aside

Add cut sweet potatoes, required salt and keep sprinkling water every now and then and cook the potatoes until done. Cool

Grind all together along with the tamarind flakes. To make grinding process easier, grind urd dal, chillies, garlic and tamarind first then add sweet potatoes. Try not to add too much water.

Serve with piping hot rice or idli, dosa or use as a spread in sandwich!

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  1. I tried it too... & It was awesome Veena!! I guess it's time I visited you for lunch to try some lovely and different dishes!! Proud to call myself your friend!!