Friday, 18 June 2010

Crispy Channa Dal Fry

Crispy Channa Dal Fry

In my school days I used to love having a cup of coffee but as a child I was not really allowed to do so. I would usually get up in the morning and be nice to my dad and get permission for one cup and bingo, I would be sipping it happily. I should also mention I was choosy about where the coffee powder was bought as there was one particular store that I would insist the powder is bought. It would taste so much like authentic Kumbakonam degree coffee. The shop would also sell a whole load of snacks like finger chips, finger rings etc. One such was the fried channa dal. Not that it was not available elsewhere but it was very tempting to pick it when you were in the shop anyway. My dad would buy it for me and I kept munching. It used to be so good that I would always save some for later but there will be nothing when I return. They used to taste particularly yummy on rainy days on also when I am studying for my exams! Anyway, sitting in North of Scotland I cannot quite expect anything like that and it is upto myself to replicate all good taste. Increased health awareness meant I cannot quite afford deep frying. Thats why I tried this lovely snack on the microwave and here is how I did it...

¾ cup channa dal (not cast in stone, feel free to go 1 cup or slightly more)

½ teaspoon chilly powder

Asafoetida (optional)


1 teaspoon cooking oil

Rinse and soak the dal in water for about 6-8 hours. Spread a white tea towel and spread the dal on it so it can air dry. The weather was not favourable for me so it took almost one night to dry.

In a microwave safe dish (preferably shallow one with lot of surface area), add the dal and oil and mix.

Microwave high for about 10 minutes. Keep stirring every two mixes otherwise the dal will be unevenly cooked. There is a good chance it will be ready in 8 minutes depending on your microwave, so be more watchful after the 6 minutes mark.

Add required salt, asafoetida and chilly powder and enjoy !!

Some people add fried garlic and/or curry leaves. I was happy munching it just like that!

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  1. Hi...I was looking for an easy and quick recipe for dinner when I came across your site...I tried this recipe and we really enjoyed it!
    Thanks :)