Thursday, 18 August 2011

Mung Dal Dosa

Mung Dal Dosa

There are days when I just cannot be bothered standing and making the rotis although I have pretty much mastered it now and do it much quicker than I used to. On such days I usually fancy a quick South Indian dinner and resort to the wide variety of tiffin items. I wanted to make dosas but did not have the time or energy to make fermented batter as I only thought about it in the afternoon. If that is not enough, I had a Sunday afternoon nap, which by the way is such a great way to recharge for the week and decided I will make a dosa for dinner giving me limited soak and grind time. I have heard people mention pesarattu a few times but knew that is made with whole mung bean and would need to be soaked longer. I resorted to mung dal itself and soaked it for about 45 minutes. My husband had bought a 5kg bag of ground rice thinking it is the same as rice flour (and it is not) so I just started using it by adding little bit of it in this dosa. You can soak the rice along with the dal if you do not have ground rice. The best part about this recipe was that it is not only quick but also low in calorie (approximately 55 calories per dosa) and yet nutritious. If that is not enough, they are so filling that it will automatically limit your calorie intake. Just make a funky shape like a duck or elephant or a cat for your little one and get away with a one dish meal for the whole family. I added vegetables to the dosa itself and served it with tomato chutney.

1 ½ cups mung dal
¼ cup ground rice or raw rice
Salt to taste
Shredded/grated vegetable of your choice (I used cabbage, onion and carrot)

Soak the mung dal and rice for about 45 minutes. If you are using ground rice, you do not have to soak. Grind to fine paste and add salt. The batter should be to pouring consistency, like regular dosa batter

Take a ladleful of batter an spread into a thin dosa (crepe) on a hot tava, spread the vegetables on top and add few drops of oil and once it browns, flip the dosa and cook the other side for less than a minute (any longer will make veggies burn)

Serve with a nice chutney


  1. How about adding some pieces of ginger/green chillies cut while grinding the batter itself - this will give you the real pesarattu effect barring the whole green moong dal that is used in making it ? Try this one and see. Nice post and superb pics :)

  2. Crispy dosas looks excellent, feel like having for my dinner..