Thursday, 4 August 2011

Wholewheat Sweet Parathas

Wholewheat Sweet Parathas

I was struggling to give this dish a name because it shares similarity with a good few. For a start I was inspired by the traditional poli recipe and thought it will be a good idea to stuff something sweet. Then to make it healthy, it has to be using whole wheat flour. As I normally make a big batch of chapatti dough and always refrigerate some, I thought if I made something with the same dough it will be less of a hassle. Then it was pretty much like a sweet paratha that I was hoping to make. As my key customer for this dish would be my wee one, I knew sweet would go down better but me being me, I cannot make it too sweet especially with added sugar. I was hoping that if it went down well, it could be a quick snack or even breakfast item as the dough was usually readily available in the fridge. This could serve as a great dessert for adults as well. You may want to serve this with a splash of honey or date syrup or maple syrup. I chose to keep the ingredients as healthy as possible and hence included almonds and dry fruits. You could add some desiccated coconut if you like. Here is how I made this healthy sweet. It could also make a nice after school snack for older kids. I made very little quantity and depending on how many you like to serve just take bit more ingredients, it does not have to be exact science.

Lemon sized chapatti dough
2 tablespoons almond powder
1-2 dates chopped
Less than a teaspoon brown sugar
Few currants or raisins chopped
A teaspoon of apple butter for every paratha
Few drops of ghee
Mix together the almond powder, dates, currants/raisins and sugar

Roll the lemon sized chapatti ball into a chapatti and using a cookie cutter or a lid cut into desired shape like shown on the picture

Spread a spoon of apple butter on one of them and ensure you leave some space around the edges so you can stick the next layer on. Spread some almond mixture and cover with another piece of cut dough and press the edges together

Heat a pan and cook both sides until browned and add few drops of ghee. You could use oil instead of ghee too

Serve just on its own or with a dash of honey/maple syrup/dates syrup

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