Monday, 8 August 2011

Oats Dosa (Savoury oats crepe)

Oats Dosa

I am not usually keen on cooking breakfast because it just adds to the time I spend in the kitchen and I have absolutely none to spare in the mornings. I prefer to grab a bowl of cereal with banana and eat it in the living room watching my wee one play. However, not all days are the same and some days, I just cannot have cereal and want something cooked, delicious and substantial. Dosas being my favourite tiffin, instant dosa appeal to me and what better than adding as much wholegrains in them as possible. With a simple tangy chutney, oats dosa makes a perfect breakfast. If I make it for dinner, I would make sambar with loads of vegetables just to make sure we do not miss out on vegetables. As I am working on getting a sensible meal planner made, whenever possible, I am hoping to post calorie information and nutrition information as I realised there are online tools that could easily do it for me. The flip side is that I am relying on third party service and can only hope it is accurate but I think directionally it will help readers if they know calorie and nutrition information. Here is a simple, quick recipe…

1 cup traditional oats
¼ cup rava
¼ cup rice flour
1 teaspoon grated ginger
3 green chillies, finely chopped
Few curry leaves, torn
Salt to taste
1 teaspoon cumin seeds
Cooking oil

Roast the oats for about 3 minutes and grind to powder consistency

Mix all ingredients, except cooking oil together along with this powder and add loads of water. The batter should be very watery else the dosas will not be thin and crisp

Heat a tava and pour a ladleful of batter all over the tava. Unlike normal dosa where you start from centre and spread the batter outside by placing the ladle on the tava, you need to keep a ladleful of batter at a distance and pour all over the tava. Fill any big gaps while doing so but remember this dosa will have few holes in between. The method is similar to rava dosa.

Add some oil and once it looks set, turn side and cook for about a minute so dosa becomes crisp.

Serve with a tangy chutney

Serves about 12 dosas and calories per dosa is about 60.7 with about 35% of your daily manganese requirement, 4% of iron requirement, 7% of thiamine and phosphorous among others.

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  1. Love the way you have presented the recipe with all pictures required. Healthy breakfast it is :) Will defntly try it out :) Have a great day and thanks for sharing the recipe.