Thursday, 15 December 2011



I don’t have a sweet tooth really so making sweets will usually mark a special occasion or arrival of some guests. This time though it was a visit to my brother’s place that called for a sweet to be made plus. I chose to make rasagulla as he likes them a lot and also because it would help me use up a large portion of the 4 pints organic milk I was trying to finish up before we fly. The recipe per se is simple and similar to rasamalai the key difference being that this will remain in the sugar syrup. The quantity of sugar mentioned is only for people like me but if you have a sweet tooth then increase to 2 ½ cups of sugar. The texture of the rasagulla came out very well and more importantly they all held well without breaking down in the sugar syrup. This will be possible only if the kneading is done properly and the balls as rolled do not have any cracks.

5 cups milk
1 ½ to 2 cups sugar
4-5 glasses water
Lime juice

In a heavy bottomed saucepan, add couple of tablespoons water and add the milk. The water supposedly helps prevent the milk sticking to the bottom

When milk is about to boil, add the lime juice so it coagulates to form the paneer

Drain this, run under cold water so it is easier to handle and also the lime flavour goes away and squeeze out as much water as possible

Knead well by hand to make it like dough

Make equal sized balls (about 12 to 14 numbers) ensuring there are no cracks

In the meantime heat the sugar and water, starting with four cups of water. Make sure it begins to boil

Add the prepared balls and cook covered for about 5 minutes. Check to see if more water is needed, if so, add half a glass. It is important that the water remains boiling so do not add too much extra. The balls will double in size so make sure there is enough room in the saucepan, about 5-8 more minutes cooked covered
You know it is done when the balls float and are almost double the original size.

Serve with the sugar syrup