Friday, 20 January 2012

Mooli Jowar Paratha

Mooli Jowar Paratha

There were times when mooli (white radish) was available at Tesco here but these days I barely find any vegetables of Indian origin. Thankfully they atleast continue to sell okra. Anyway, reason I mention this is because it is not often that I lay my hands on mooli although I like the vegetable. I am not a big fan of its smell but considering I either make raita or parathas with them, they do not smell too bad as they are not cooked long. I would normally make regular wheat parathas with mooli stuffing and must say that I struggle to get it well shaped as mooli can be quite watery and make the rolling process a challenge. When I feel like I should rather have some other cereal/grain, I make mooli jowar (sorghum) paratha. I have made it a couple of ways. One is how I have mentioned below, another is by skipping whole wheat flour and using bajri so it can be taken by wheat intolerant people as well. Either way rolling these parathas can put some off but I stick to my method of tearing up a ziploz bag and using it so it does not stick. I find cling films to be too thin so they do not serve the purpose for me. The parathas final texture is quite nice, not soft but a bit flaky but not making your throat and mouth feel dry. Here is the recipe...

1 cup jowar flour
½ cup whole wheat flour
1 teaspoon ginger garlic paste
2 tablespoon methi leaves/coriander leaves
2 green chillies, finely chopped
½ cup radish, grated
Cooking oil/ghee
Salt to taste

Mix together the jowar, salt, wheat flour, ginger garlic paste, methi or coriander leaves, chillies and radish. Do not add too much water and make the dough a bit stiff and not as soft as chapatti dough. This is because when we rest the dough, the radish will give away some water and make the dough even more watery and sticky. Knead the dough with some oil. Rest it for about 30 minutes and knead again before making parathas

Make a large lemon sized balls. In order to make the parathas, cut a zip loc bag on its sides so it opens like a rectangle. Dust the ball with flour and place on one side of the Ziploc bag and cover it with the other side. Roll to flatter disc couple of times then dust again. Roll to desired thickness but bear in mind this will not be as thin as chapattis. Put the whole Ziploc with paratha on one palm and slowly peel it off from the zip loc

Cook on medium flame until both sides are done and drizzle some ghee/oil.

Serve with pickle and yogurt.

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