Friday, 22 October 2010

Low Fat Onion Pakora (Pakoda)

Low Fat Onion Pakora (Pakoda)
It is suppose to be autumn now but it is already cold like winter. It is typical Scottish weather just now with almost constant rain and dullness. Nothing like Indian snacks can bring some vibrance to the otherwise dull day. Sitting with a hot cup of tea, chatting with a friend biting into a nice crispy snack is probably an ideal afternoon. Well, I have not quite managed that today but certainly made arrangements for a snack. I decided to make low fat onion pakora (pakoda). In addition to the fear of fat content in deep fried dishes, I am lazy to dispose off the used oil properly. This is another important reason why I shy from deep frying. This pakoda recipe turned out quite good and here is how I did it...

1 cup besan (chickpea flour)
¼ cup rice flour
1 onion, finely chopped
1 green chilly finely chopped
2 tablespoons chopped coriander
1 tablespoon oil
½ teaspoon red chilly powder
1 inch ginger, finely chopped or use ginger paste
1 teaspoon sambar powder (optional and if using, adjust chilly powder according to heat in sambar powder)
Turmeric powder
Salt to taste

Combine the onion, chilly, ginger, coriander leaves, chilly and sambar powder, flours, asafoetida and turmeric powder

 Heat the oil and add to the above mixture

 Add water little by little and make a stiff dough. I added about half cup water.

 Either using a spoon or your hand, place small portions of the dough on a baking tray lined with baking paper. I liked the imperfect shape so used my hand.

Bake in a preheated oven at 200degC for 10 minutes. Turn the pakodas and bake for further 5-10 minutes

 Serve with chutney or by itself!

Remember that for the same amount of chilly powder, baked dishes are hotter than deep fried counterpart. So adjust chilly powder according to taste.


  1. interesting method ...baking is always my preferred option too...

  2. hi. but how do yours TASTE compared to deep-fried? ive been experimenting with this recipe for some time, and i just can't get it to taste as good. decided to check online to see how others fare with their versions. do let me know if you have additional tips!

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